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GCT established their first managed service in the healthcare sector over 20 years ago. We have since built a reputation for going above and beyond to understand and service the needs of healthcare professionals, their patients and their businesses.

Trusted suppliers

GCT provides robust technological solutions to over 30% of Hawke’s Bay medical practices and more than 250 healthcare professionals. We recognise the ICT priorities of health service suppliers: a stable and reliable practice management system; protection and privacy of client information; business continuity in the event of a disaster or fault; and legislative compliance. We can also help with the integration and support of external services such as Manage My Health, HealthLink, myPractice and Medtech.

GCT can protect your business from risks, keep information secure, and make life easier for you, your employees and your patients.

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A tailored approach

We take the time to understand the specific needs of your business, patients and staff, and how best to support them. We can tailor our solutions to the level of service you require, whether you manage ICT in-house or need to outsource services.  We can also help establish an IT governance framework that aligns with your strategy, to strengthen the success of your business. Our full suite of ICT services and wide range of technologies can help you spend more time with patients and less time troubleshooting.

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Peace of mind

Health agencies are required to understand and comply with numerous legislative acts, codes of practice and frameworks. The Health Information Privacy Code 1994, Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Security Framework (HISO 10029:2015) are just some of the regulations health practices need to seriously consider, with mandatory breach notification and fines likely to become law.

GCT has the expertise to assess the risks your business faces and how to avoid them. We can guide you through compliance requirements and provide practical and honest solutions around the use, access, storage, back up, and protection of data, devices and systems. We can also help you navigate the complicated and changing landscape of legislation and policy, like reforms to the Privacy Act and changes to the Ministry of Health’s cloud computing policy and European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We needed two aspects from GCT, firstly futuristic technology advice and then we needed the actual install.

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