Structured Cabling Services

Don’t leave your cabling to a cowboy. We have the certifications, equipment and specialist knowledge needed to service your structured cabling, data centre and server room needs.

Design considerations

From the outset of planning a new build or renovation, GCT can assist with analysing the ICT design considerations required for the optimal running of your business, including structured cabling systems, mapping a wireless layout for high connectivity, data centres and server rooms, cooling systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our cabling team are registered NETCONNECT® network designers and installers.

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Cabling installation

Our specially trained, certified technicians are experts when it comes to advising on and installing high quality structured and underground/trench cabling systems, fibre and wireless services, ethernet, patch panels and coms cabinets. Avoid system drop-outs and ensure optimum speed when our expert experienced technicians install and maintain your system. We’re the tidiest cable guys around — we leave server rooms and cables certified, neat, ordered, and labelled. 

Our technicians don’t just install cabling — they analyse your requirements, ensure certification and compliance, make sure everything looks neat and tidy, and regularly test and maintain for optimal performance. 

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Data centres & server rooms

We’re data centre specialists. Our expert design solutions can reduce the risk of failure; and make maintenance and repairs a lot easier. We will work with you to assess your requirements for server rooms — including server racks and floor layout; data outlets; and uninterrupted power supplies to save your staff time, and keep your systems secure and fast.

Structured Cabling Services | Hawke's Bay | GCT


If your network is dropping out or needs some proactive maintenance, our cabling team are skilled at network fault-finding and making sure your service is responsive. They can check, assess and monitor the health of your network and patch panels, ensure compliance with quality standards, and suggest ways to improve your network’s performance. 

Being on the construction site for 6-12 months, we got to know all the GCT team and they were really accommodating.

Nick Pullan, Kaweka Hospital Manager

Compliance & certifications

We pride ourselves on our cabling expertise and training. Our cabling engineers are certified by organisations such as Schnieder Electric, Multimedia Connect (MMC), Chrome, and NETCONNECT®. Our work is compliant with all AS/NZ cabling standards around density, handling, positioning and clearances of cables. We’re especially proud to meet the Ministry of Education’s high standards for cable installation in primary, secondary and tertiary education premises for WSNUP and SNUP. 

Wireless networks

Ensure you have wireless coverage, speed and access where and when you need it. We can create one wireless network with multiple controlled user access profiles; and make sure you have complete control over who accesses your critical data and your network. Our managed wireless service takes care of firmware updates, and ensures the stability and availability of wireless controllers and wireless access points.


Our cabling systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturers’ performance specifications, as well as all ISO and AS/NZ standards, and we offer warranties on GCT-installed cabling and workmanship. To ensure optimal performance, our staff are trained to use specialist Fluke™ equipment to test new or troubleshoot existing cable.


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