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GCT is the New Zealand and Australian Schoology channel partner. Schoology is a learning management system with a difference. It’s a virtual learning network. An education toolbox that empowers teachers, engages students and connects the entire education community in one place.


Schoology provides the core functionality of a learning management platform with a focus on improving outcomes for students rather than the tool itself. This is achieved through Schoology’s four foundational areas: communication, collaboration, engagement, and instruction – creating a harmonious, highly interoperable ecosystem of teaching and learning tools.

The move from Moodle to Schoology has been both brilliant and a cinch. Schoology is an innovative, easy to use and engaging LMS that makes communication and learning a breeze. Our students and staff love it!

Bronwen Wilson, Director of E-learning, Lynfield College

All I can say is Schoology has truly transformed the way teaching and learning occurs at Woodford House

Toni Dunstan, Director of Innovation, Woodford House

Schoology has been a revelation to us, challenging our teaching pedagogy and bringing greater excitement into our learning environment.

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary's Diocesan School

Schoology has revolutionised learning at Sancta Maria College and has done so quickly and seamlessly.

Mark Glasse, Head of Digital Learning, Sancta Maria College



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