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We spoke to Gay Monteith, Physiotherapist and Director of Focus Health Physiotherapy, about how’s she found it working with GCT.

Focus Health Physiotherapy (Focus) has operated in the Bay since 1996. They have three clinics — Havelock North, Royston and Onekawa; where their experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists treat a wide range of patients, from professional sportspeople to the elderly. 

In 2017 Focus was seeking a new ICT provider. GCT had worked with Focus in the clinic’s early days, so joined the shortlist of providers Focus was considering. The GCT team spoke to Focus about their ICT needs and prepared a proposal explaining how their services could support Focus. Focus was impressed, and didn’t end up approaching any other providers.

We needed a new ICT supplier. We were familiar with Glenn Cook Technologies so thought we'd see what they could offer. I liked their approach — their thorough proposal really suited our needs; and they were good people to deal with. So we went with GCT, and it’s been a good decision.

Gay Monteith, Director and Physiotherapist
Focused ICT solutions

Focused ICT solutions

GCT took the time to get to know how the clinics and employees operate, and how the clinics work together, so they could tailor specific solutions for the business. 

GCT installed a new server, streamlined systems across the clinics, implemented a new firewall with monthly reports, made sure the back-up and storage of data was safe and secure, and ensured the network and systems were running optimally. The clinic wasn’t keen on transitioning to cloud, so GCT provided alternate solutions that would work with their onsite server. GCT also worked with the suppliers of Focus’ printers, photocopier and practice management systems to ensure everything transitioned seamlessly. 

Reliable and friendly

Some of the aspects about GCT that appealed to Focus was that they didn’t try to upsell on solutions that Focus wasn’t ready for or suited to, and they provided a wide range of options. GCT wraps around the business, implementing solutions only if they’re the best fit; and doing it in a way that minimises any negative impacts on the day-to-day operations.

Focus found another winning aspect of GCT is their reliability, friendliness, and the ease of communication. They refrain from using technical terms to explain things, preferring their customers to be fully informed. This transparency appealed to the Focus team.

Some companies just deal with one brand. GCT are tech savvy and able to develop a system personal to you.

Gay Monteith, Director and Physiotherapist, Focus Health

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