Cloud Computing Services

GCT are experts in helping identify the benefits of cloud computing and hosting services, and analysing the IT infrastructure your business needs to stay resilient and technologically empowered.

Secure hosted infrastructure

GCT has its own server infrastructure so you don’t have to. We provide secure platforms where you can login from anywhere, store your data and applications, get email, and use internet services. By using local and out of region storage, your data is kept closer to home; and you get access to expert, personalised service and support in your own timezone.

Online backup

Our automated, secure back-up underlines all our managed services. With GCT monitoring and managing your back-up, you no longer need to worry about getting your data offsite, swapping tapes or disk drives, or losing critical data in a breach or disaster. Our secure service makes an encrypted copy of your servers and data to GCT’s resilient backup infrastructure every night or multiple times per day if required.

Cloud Services Hawke's Bay

Managed firewall services

We’ve seen first-hand the damage caused when cybersecurity risks are underestimated. Protect your business with our managed firewall service that proactively monitors and updates your firewall daily to keep your systems and network safe. We provide visibility of your network, with updates and alerts on intrusion attempts and virus events; and a categorised monthly report that gives you visibility into what is traversing your network.

Transition to cloud

When planned and implemented correctly, hosted and cloud services can add immense value to your business both financially and functionally. We understand all the information around cloud-based services can be overwhelming. Whether you’re keen on transitioning to cloud services or just curious about the benefits, we’ll provide advice specific to your business and guide you if you choose to make the move.

Business continuity and resilience

GCT offers a range of solutions to ensure your systems survive and data can be recovered following hardware failure, natural disaster or cybersecurity events. We can complement your on-premise infrastructure with replicated, synchronised back-up to GCT’s secure offsite servers. Our solutions ensure your critical data is encrypted, protected and resilient.

Why would I go to anyone else? I’m comfortable with them, and our team finds them really personable to deal with.

Gay Monteith, Director and Physiotherapist, Focus Health

Internet services

GCT can provide expert guidance on the benefits of business-class broadband, point-to-point private networks, and wireless services. We can help you get the best value and the fastest connection — backed by local, contactable, business-class support. 

On-premise infrastructure

Whether your business uses traditional on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid services, GCT can take care of all your on-site IT infrastructure needs. From desktop PCs, printers, devices and software; to firewalls, onsite server and storage solutions, routers and switches — our team are experts at procuring the best equipment for your business, at the best price.

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